Image Download In Docker Using Command Line

Image Download In Docker Using Command Line

To download any software in docker we need to know how can we do it in docker.As we know in docker repository means bucket of images.So if a software have many version then images will also many as per version.Every image has repository and tag as composite key.Tag refers to version of image.

There are many docker registry from there docker can get image but if we don't mention anything then default is docker hub

In this tutorial we will learn how can we download image form docker command line.

First on docker command line search that image.For example if we want to download mysql then write
docker search mysql

It will show you details as follows

There are some point we should note here
  • It will pull several result but will not download it.
  • STARS :it tells quality of the image.
  • OFFICIAL :OK means it is maintained by docker INC or authorized maintainer.
  • AUTOMATED :OK means it is public script.
To download mysql we will fire docker command
docker pull mysql

It will download mysql.

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