Top Gradle Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Gradle Interview Questions

What is Gradle ?

Gradle is open source build automation system.It supports Groovy based domain specific language.It is built on ANT, Maven, and lvy repositories.

What is Gradle build file name ?


Why Gradle is more preferred compared to other build framework ?

Gradle script is written using groovy that has syntax similar to java, so easy to understand.

How to view list of available project ?

gradle projects

What is the difference between build.xml and build.gradle ?

build.xml is XML file which has start and end tag while build.gradle work on programming language groovy.

What are the features of Gradle ?

  • Language for dependency based programming :The declarative language lies on top of a general purpose task graph, which we can fully leverage in our build.
  • Structure your build : Gradle applies common design principles in builds that creates perfect build structure.
  • Deep API :Monitoring and customization its configuration is easy using it API.
  • Multi-project builds :Gradle supports multi-project builds and also partial builds
  • First build integration tool :Gradle provides a converter for turning a Maven pom.xml to Gradle script.
  • Open source :Gradle is open source project.
  • Groovy :Gradle's build script is written in Groovy.Groovy allows to write our own script with some abstractions. The entire Gradle API is designed in Groovy language.

At broad level what are the two real objects used by Gradle ?

  • Project Object :Script describes about one or multiple projects while in the execution, this script configures the Project Object.
  • Script Object :Gradle takes script code into classes, which implements Script Interface and then executes.

What does it mean by Task ?

Gradle build scripts consists of one or more Projects.Each project is made up of different tasks. A task is a piece of work which a build performs.A task might be compiling some classes, storing class files into separate target folder, creating JAR, generating Javadoc, or publishing some archives to repositories.

What are the types of plugins in Gradle ?

  • Script Plugins :It is build script that provides declarative approach to manipulating the build
  • Binary Plugins : In Binary Plugins programmatic approach is used. This is nothing but classes that implements the plugin interface.

What is Gradle wrapper ?

It is a batch script and it is one of the ways to perform Gradle build When executed the first time, it automatically downloads Gradle and then initiate the build.

What is Gradle Daemon ?

The Daemon is a long-lived process that helps with the faster build process, by avoiding the cost of JVM startup for every build and also caches information about project structure, files, tasks, and more in memory.

What are the gradle build configuration files ?

  • build.gradle
  • settings.gradle.

What is the difference between settings.gradle and ?

settings.gradle is a Groovy script that defines build related settings and not project related setting while in case of, file is a simple Java Properties file. It is a simple key-value store.

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