Image Install From File System

Image Install From File System

In this tutorial we will learn how can we install image from file system.

To install image from file system we will do following steps
  • On docker window run following command
  • docker images
  • It will display all images in your container

  • Now we will keep one image in file system so that we can install it.For demo purpose we will keep busybox:latest
  • Run below command it will copy image in
  • docker save -o busybox:latest.
  • Now we will delete busybox form container so that we can load it again.Execute below command
  • docker rmi -f busybox
  • It will delete busybox image from container.To check run again
  • docker images

  • Now to install busybox image again from file system,execute command
  • docker load -i
  • It will load busybox image again in container.To check run again
  • docker images

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