Java 9 Interview Questions


When Java 9 initial version is released ?

Sep 2017

Mention few new features of Java 9 ?

Java 9 has included many new features.We are point only few

  • Module :Its like component that will contain code and data.
  • JShell :It is command line tool for evaluating declarations, statements, and expressions of the Java programming language
  • private method : Java 9 has introduced private methods in interface.
  • Diamond Operator : Java 9 has diamond operator with anonymous inner classes.
  • Try with Resources : Java 9 has improved Java 7 exception handling try-with-resources.
  • Stream method : Java 9 has introduced stream() method in Optional class.
  • Reactive Stream : Introduced Reactive Stream which is used for Asynchronous communication
  • Process API Update : Updated process API for controlling and managing operating system processes.
  • Factory Method for Collections: Introduced new factory method on the List, Set, and Map interfaces to create immutable collection for small number of elements.
  • Lightweight JSON : API introduced to consume and produce documents via JSON.
  • Improved JavaDocs : Supports HTML5 output generation.

How can we create Module in java 9 ?

Simple steps to create Module with Example In Java 9

What is REPL ?

REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print Loop.Oracle has introduced jshell which is command line tool for evaluating declarations, statements, and expressions of the Java programming language.JShell API enables application to use REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) functionality.

How can we view JShell commands ?


Give Example of immutable Collections creation in java 9 ?

Simple steps to create Immutable Collection In Java 9

Can we have private method or private static method in Interface ?

Yes , in Java 9 it's possible.

Give one example of private method in Interface in Java 9 ?

Simple steps to create private method in interface In Java 9.

What are Stream API improvement in Java 9?

  • dropWhile : It will drop all values from start until predicate returns false.In other word it will remove prefix matching that predicate.
  • takeWhile : It will take all values from start from stream until predicate returns false.
  • iterate : It has hasNext predicate which will stop loop if predicate is false
  • ofNullable : It is introduced to prevent NullPointerExceptions.

Give Stream API improvement Example in Java 9 ?

Stream API Improvement Example In Java 9.

Give try with resources improvement Example in Java 9 ?

try with resources Improvement Example In Java 9.

What are two attributes added in @Deprecated annotation in java 9 ?

  • forRemoval
  • since

What is the syntax for @Deprecated in java 9 ?

@Deprecated (forRemoval=true , since="9")

What is the significance of forRemoval in @Deprecated ?

It is boolean value which indicates that this method is not going to be in future release if value is true.

What is the default value of forRemoval in @Deprecated ?


What is the significance of since in @Deprecated ?

It is String value which informs from which release this method is Deprecated.

Can we use diamond operator for inner classes in java 9 ?


Give one example of diamond operator for inner class in Java 9 ?

Simple steps of diamond operator for inner class In Java 9.

What are the new methods added in Optional class in java 9?

  • ifPresentOrElse
  • or
  • stream

What is the syntax of ifPresentOrElse() ?

public void ifPresentOrElse(Consumer<? super T> action, Runnable emptyAction)

Give one example of ifPresentOrElse() ?

package com.preparationforinterview.optional;

import java.util.Optional;

public class OptionalInJava9 {

	public static void main(String args[]) {

		Optional<String> optional = Optional.empty();
		optional.ifPresentOrElse(var -> System.out.println(var), () -> System.out.println("Data is missing"));



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