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Top Frequently Asked OpenShift Interview Questions

What is OpenShift ?

OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service.It is an open source development platform by which developer develops and deploys application on cloud.

Mention few features of OpenShift ?

  • Multiple database and language support.
  • Multiple environment support.
  • Provides responsive web console.
  • Remote debugging.
  • Provides support for continuous integration and release management.
  • Openshift has rich command line toolset.
  • Provide support for remote SSH login to application.

What is Gear in OpenShift ?

It can be defined as server with certain specification like memory , CPU. It is fundamental unit for running an application

What is OpenShift origin ?

It is an open source version of OpenShift.

What is OpenShift online ?

It is public PaaS of OpenShift community using which one can build and deploy its application on public cloud. It is red hat hosting platform.

What is OpenShift container platform ?

It helps to multiple teams to build and deploy containerized infrastructure.All container uses Docker technology.

What are package level for OpenShift container platform ?

  • Local : It is for developer to deploy and test application locally.
  • Lab : In this application is evaluated from starting to pre prod.

What is the use of Docker and Kubernetes in OpenShift ?

Docker helps to create lightweight liner based container while Kubernetes helps in orchestrating and managing containers.

What is OpenShift container registry ?

Its an inbuilt storage that is used to store Docker images.

What is the pod ?

It is the collection of containers and its storage.

What are the types of pods ?

  • Single Container Pod : Only one container is running inside it.
  • Multi Container Pod : More than one container are running inside it.

Define service ?

As pod has container and service has abstracted layer on top of the pod, so in this way we can say service as logical collection of pods.In OpenShift a service is a REST object.

Define Routes in OpenShift ?

In OpenShift Routes is a way to externalize the services by providing externally reachable hostname.In OpenShift routes are created using routers developed by admin.

What is the use of Templates ?

In OpenShift it is an standard object with a list of placeholders.Using templates we can create multiple objects.

Define authentication in OpenShift ?

In OpenShift master has inbuilt OAuth server which generates tokens that can be used for API authentication.

List down identity providers in OAuth ?

  • HTTPassword
  • LDAP
  • Allow ALL
  • Deny All
  • Basic Authentication

Define buildfile ?

It is rest object that is used to connect to API.

What type of build strategies are used in OpenShift ?

  • Docker Strategy
  • Custom Strategy
  • Pipeline Strategy
  • Source-to-image Strategy

What is Docker Strategy ?

Dockerfile is used by OpenShift to create image and images are uploaded to Docker registry.

What is Custom Strategy ?

In this we can create rpm ,jar.

What is Custom Strategy ?

In this we can create rpm ,jar.

What is Source-to-image Strategy ?

In this from source code images are created.In Source-to-image strategy source code is downloaded and compiled and deployed in same container.From same code image is created.

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