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Top Frequently Asked WebGL Interview Questions

What is WebGL ?

WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library. It is a JavaScript API that is used for rendering 2D graphics and interactive 3D graphic in any compatible web browser.

Who is the developer of WebGL ?

Vladimir Vukicevic is the developer of WebGL.

What is HTML5 Canvas in WebGL ?

In WebGL, HTML5 $lt;canvas$gt; provides an easy and powerful technique to draw graphics using JavaScript.

From which OpenGL library WebGL is derived ?

OpenGL's ES 2.0

Under which HTML5 tag WebGL's code is written ?


Mention few advantages of WebGL ?

  • Support to mobile browser : WebGL supports mobile browser like Android , Chrome.
  • Open : WebGL is an open source so anybody can access library and customize.
  • Memory management : As WebGL is based on JavaScript and JavaScript automatically manages memory.
  • Compilation : As WebGL is based on JavaScript and JavaScript's file we don't need to compile.
  • Set up : We don't require any set up for WebGL.It is integrated within HTML5.

What is rendering ?

Its a process of getting an image from model.Generally virtual scene is described using like viewpoint , lighting etc and that is passed through render program.Output of render program is digital image.

What are the types of rendering ?

  • Software
  • Hardware

What is Software rendering ?

In Software rendering with the help of CPU rendering calculation is done.

What is Hardware rendering ?

In Hardware rendering with the help of GPU rendering calculation is done.

What is the GPU ?

It stands for "Graphical processing unit".Its single chip processor with integrated rendering engines,lighting, transform.

Why Image creation by GPU is fast ?

In GPU thousand of cores process parallel, so accelerates the creation of image.

What is HTML5 canvas ?

By this we can draw graphics using JavaScript.

What is the syntax of HTML5 ?

Syntax of HTML5 canvas is given below

<canvas id = "preparationforinterview" width = "50" height = "50"></canvas>

It has three attributes

  • Id : canvas element identifier in DOM
  • Width : Width of canvas
  • Height : Height of canvas

What is mesh in WebGL ?

A 3D object drawn using primitive polygons is called a mesh.

What are the types of shaders in WebGL ?

  • Vertex Shader
  • Fragment Shader

What is vertex shader in WebGL ?

It's a program that is called on every vertex.Its used to transform the geometry from one place to another.

What are the tasks that can be performed using vertex shader- ?

  • Lighting
  • Color material application
  • Vertex transformation
  • Texture coordinate generation
  • Texture coordinate transformation
  • Texture coordinate generation

What is Fragment shader in WebGL ?

It's a program that is called on every pixel.Its used to .

What are the tasks that can be performed using Fragment shader- ?

  • Color sum
  • Fog
  • Texture access

What is OpenGL ES SL ?

It is OpenGL Embedded System Shading Language.

What is Varyings ?

It pass the data from the vertex shader to the fragment shader.

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